Project Overview

From Seed to Table (FStT)

Strengthening Urban Farmer Organisations and their Marketing Capacities: From Seed to Table

The RUAF programme “From Seed to Table” (RUAF-FStT, 2009-2010) builds on the results of the RUAF-Cities Farming for the Future Programme (RUAF-CFF, 2005-2008) and is globally implemented in 18 cities which includes 2 cities Magadi (Ramanagar District, Karnataka, India) and Gampaha (Sri Lanka) of South and South East Asia. (Read more)

Cities Farming for the Future (CFF)

The main objective of the RUAF-CFF programme is to contribute to urban poverty reduction, urban food security, improved urban environmental management, empowerment of urban and peri-urban farmers and participatory city governance. The RUAF-CFF project will directly contribute to achieving MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) 1 and 7 namely, eradication of extreme poverty and hunger and ensuring environmental sustainability. (Read more)

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